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European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products


ECHAMP brochures

Homeopathy and anthroposophic medicine - A thriving European tradition An introduction to homeopathic and anthroposophic medicinal products and their role in European health care. PDF (387.4 KB) 01 Jan 2013
Homeopathy and anthroposophic medicine in the EU - Facts and Figures 2011 (Third edition) Facts and Figures 2011 presents a unique summary of the situation for homeopathic and anthroposophic medicinal products in the EU. It presents detailed market data including market growth, information on the legal status of the products, and individual country profiles. Copies can be ordered from ECHAMP by email. Price: 25 € (excl. VAT). Post and packing will be charged on large orders only. PDF (931.5 KB) 01 Jan 2011
Homeopathic and Anthroposophic Medicinal Products - A call to action Legislative term 2009-2014 of the European Parliament and the European Commission PDF (931.5 KB) 01 Jan 2009
Homeopathic and Anthroposophic Medicinal Products in Europe - The Need for Better Regulation There is an urgent need for better regulation of these medicinal products to preserve this important European industry and to foster development. PDF (87.9 KB) 04 Feb 2008
Homeopathy and Anthroposophic Medicine - Their Place in European Health Care This new ECHAMP brochure gives a brief introduction to homeopathy and anthroposophic medicine and their place in a European context. PDF (1.0 MB) 02 Jan 2008
Homeopathic and anthroposophic medicine in European - Facts & Figures 2007 (Second edition) The booklet gives a good profile of the homeopathic and anthroposophic medicines industry in Europe, including market growth and detail on key markets. Download the flyer. PDF (100.2 KB) 01 Jan 2007
Homeotherapy - Definitions and Therapeutic Schools 2004 This sector of medicine comprises a significant number of therapies and schools employing homeopathic medicinal products. This brochure gives an overview of the individual therapeutic schools included under the heading of homeopathy. PDF (4.9 MB) 01 Apr 2005
The Science Base of Homeopathic and Anthroposophic Medicine 2005 The brochure is aimed at politicians, NGOs and journalists to give an overview of the value of research in homeopathy. PDF (351.9 KB) 01 Feb 2005
Medicine for Children Homeopathy and anthroposophic medicine in paediatric use 2005. PDF (2.8 MB) 01 Jan 2005