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European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products


ECHAMP positions

Justification for the practice of not fixing the supplier of certain raw materials in the homeopathic medicinal product dossier Fixing the supplier of raw materials in registration dossiers for homeopathic medicinal products does not in general add to the quality of the product. ECHAMP’s new position paper explains why registration dossiers should not generally require individual suppliers to be named. PDF (334.9 KB) 24 Apr 2015
Manifesto for European Parliament elections Legislative term 2014-2019 of the European Parliament and the European Commission PDF (340.9 KB) 01 Apr 2014
Complementary Medicine - a third pillar to EU policy on antibiotics Joint statement to the Council of the European Union from the European associations of doctors, practitioners and manufacturers in the field of complementary medicinal products PDF (22.2 KB) 01 Dec 2009
Joint Communiqué In support of our urgent request to have the ITRE Committee’s adopted amendment on CAM introduced into the seventh framework programme. PDF (182.0 KB) 02 May 2006
Manifesto on CAM Manifesto signed at the European Open Forum Conference for stakeholders draws attention to needs of tens of millions EU citizens PDF (6.2 KB) 01 Nov 2005
Necessary Amendments on the Homeopathy Paragraphs Review of Directive 2001/83/EC PDF (18.6 KB) 01 Aug 2003
Joint Communiqué Signed by associations of patients, practitioners and manufacturers in the field of non-conventional medicinal products. PDF (75.5 KB) 01 Oct 2003
Common Resolution Resolution to the institutions of the European Union and the national medicines authorities of all EU Member States on the proposed revision of all EU pharmaceutical legislation PDF (183.9 KB) 01 Jul 2002
Comments/Amendments: Review of the Pharmaceutical Legislation Review of Commission's proposed Directive 2001/83/EC PDF (3.2 MB) 01 Jun 2000