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European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products


Benefits of membership

Make your voice heard

  • Ensure a stronger voice for the common interests of the sector at European level
  • Actively participate in pharma and health policy development at European level by taking part in EU-level stakeholder consultations and responses to policy developments on industry-relevant topics
  • Support initiatives to raise awareness at EU level of the importance and benefits of homeopathy and anthroposophic medicine and their products
  • Contribute to the development of key messages and materials aimed at opinion formers

Access expertise and resources

  • Have access to a wealth of sector and industry information, including detailed legal, regulatory and market documentation and internal briefing papers
  • Contribute to and benefit from common projects that are too large for any individual company (e.g. projects on safety and effectiveness; pan-European studies; industry facts and figures)
  • Join working groups on specialist legal and regulatory issues and contribute to and learn from the debate
  • Network and share good practice with other industry and sector representatives
  • Participate in the annual Membership Assembly, meet industry leaders and take part in expert workshops

Stay up to date

  • Receive ad hoc updates and early warnings on key EU developments and industry news
  • Receive a quarterly newsletter on EU developments in the sector
  • Receive monthly summaries on the association’s activities and plans
  • Receive early warnings on potential crises and tailored materials for use with the media

Support your business

  • Prepare for changes in your business with advance regulatory information
  • Learn from good practice in other markets to find solutions to common problems
  • Strengthen the reputation of your business nationally and in Europe.

Last updated on 09 Oct 2015

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