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European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products


June 2015

News from the Board and Fields of Activity

Political Affairs

  • Christiaan Mol, General Secretary, and Nand de Herdt, Consultant, met Mrs Annika Nowak, Member of the Cabinet of the Commissioner responsible for Health and Food Safety on 8 June. Mrs Nowak is in charge of medicinal products, including homeopathic and anthroposophic medicinal products, in the cabinet of the Commission. Their aim was to present ECHAMP in preparation for the meeting that is organised between ECHAMP and the Commissioner on July 9th.
  • On 22 June an ECHAMP delegation together with a delegation from the German association BPI (associated member) had a meeting in the German Ministry of Health. The aim was to tackle European issues, as such issues are influenced by member states.

Sector development

ECHAMP organized a conference call with EU stakeholders and some of the best-rated websites on quality information on homeopathy and anthroposophic medicine on the internet. They discussed the certification of the information and the importance of the search engine optimization.

PR and communications strategy

In June the PR team finalised the new communications strategy, incorporating feedback from the Members at the Membership Assembly. The team worked on measurement criteria for each audience as well as  on the upgrade of the ECHAMP website over the summer.

Board of Management

On 25 June, the Board of Management had a conference call in order to integrate into the work programme the input from Members at the Membership Assembly.

Economic data

Anh, our trainee, is leaving us. Before leaving us, she wrote the first draft of the report. We would like to have the long version by September 2015. We will also have a shorter version to be used for the meetings with officials for the EU institutions and the National Competent authorities.


Last updated on 12 Oct 2015