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European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products


March 2015

Last farewell to Dr. Samir Kedwani: On 18 March Christiaan Mol was present at Samir Kedwani’s funeral to transmit ECHAMP’s last farewell. Dr. Kedwani was Head of Production in the Weleda Group and general secretary of the International Association of Anthroposophic Pharmacists. ECHAMP is deeply thankful to all the contributions he has made to our sector. May he rest in peace.

News from the Board and Fields of Activity

Availability Report

On 18 March an ECHAMP delegation met sector stakeholders - patients’, doctors’ and practitioners’ associations - to discuss the publication of the report by the European Commission on the Availability of Medicinal Products and to agree on joint and coordinated political activity in response to this important report. It was agreed that the next meeting of the CAM interest group  at the European Parliament will address this topic.

Meeting with the Ms Diefenbach

23 March: meeting with the Ms Diefenbach, responsible expert for economic affairs at the permanent representation of Baden-Württemberg to discuss the obstacles to free trade resulting from inappropriate regulation pointed out in the availability report.

Meeting of the Quality Circle

30 March: the ECHAMP representatives, Mr. Christiaan Mol and Dr. Anton Biber, participated to a wide discussion on pharmacopoeial standards during the meeting of the Quality Circle hosted by DHU.

Economic data

Our trainee, Anh has started to receive feedback from ECHAMP members to the questionnaire and is now analysing the data. You are kindly reminded to send her your answers if you have not yet done so. It is intended to publish the results in the second half of the year.

ECHAMP’s 15th Anniversary

Final preparations now in hand for the CEO workshop, Membership Assembly and 15th Anniversary celebrations 14-15 April.

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Last updated on 12 Oct 2015