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Homeo Nitra

Homeo Nitra

Homeo Nitra is just one manufacturer of homeopathic medicines and just one homeopathic pharmacy in Slovakia from 2006.
The intention of Homeo Nitra is to present homeopathic preparation in the sense of classical homeopathic technology for manual potentiation method of homeopathic stocks and dilutiones accordance with current German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia.
The range of homeopathic stocks is approximetly 1,000 in decimal, centesimal and LM/Q potencies.
Homeopathic pharmacy prepares homeopathic peroral drops, globules, dermal preparationes, creams, ointments, solutions.
The effort of Homeo Nitra is to ensure the safety and quality of homeopathic medicines.

Fraňa Mojtu 18 94901 Nitra Slovakia

+421 37 65 227 80 +421 37 65 227 83